~ About Me ~

Hello, I’m Kate, owner of Live Without Limits. I am originally from Liverpool UK and I now live on the Costa Del Sol in Spain. I worked within the mental health sector for 7 years. The issues and complexity of some of the cases I found to be extremely interesting and whilst challenging very fulfilling.

I was involved in a serious incident at work with resulted in me being hospitalised.  After that I decided to relocate to Spain to experience a different lifestyle and a change of career.  I now know I was running away from said incident.

Having worked in travel industry for 10 years and enjoying the lifestyle and career, covid hit and the industry ceased. Like many others that found themselves in a similar position it gave me time to rethink my life path. I had a reset and decided to refocus on what really interested me which brought me full circle back to mental health which has been exacerbated by covid lockdowns and associated restrictions. I have always had an interest in the mind/subconscious and how the body works and decided to research the subject.

This is when I discovered Belief Coding and after some months researching and understanding the concepts I made the decision to train in this amazing modality.

It has personally changed my life. I have always struggled with anxiety, not feeling good enough and fear of judgement. Whilst training in Belief Coding I took advantage of healing myself with the help of others who were also in training.

I started my healing journey a little over a year ago to work on childhood traumas, early toxic relationships and limiting beliefs. I’ve come a long way. I’ve conquered many demons, confronted many past traumas, rose above my doubts and uncovered my strengths. I now want to help other woman do the same.

Overcoming limiting beliefs isn’t always easy. They are deeply ingrained in us, often from childhood. But once you discover what they are and how to identify them, you can learn how to overcome them.

When your healing journey begins, you have no idea what a healing journey is. All you know is there’s something missing within you, and you need to find it.

Usually, what’s missing is your authentic self.

“ We identify your negative limiting beliefs and transform your life! I promise you. It works! No more paying for endless therapy session's. ”
Kate Gould

I offer a 15 minute free discovery call. Please feel free to contact me for further details.